Store Events: Bird Walks & Seminars

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March Seminar:
Repel Rats, Stymie Squirrels...Outwitting Pests

March 18, Sunday, 4:30pm • Wild Birds Unlimited, 2510 Willamette Street, Eugene OR 

Dan and Barbara will present a seminar offering ideas to help you repel, stymie, rout, discourage, and prevent rats, squirrels, and other pests from accessing food or causing damage around your feeding station...and home. 

In the United States, more than 81.1 million people feed birds and watch wildlife in their yards. Birdwatching and feeding is second only to gardening as the most popular hobby in the US. Feeding birds has so many positive effects for both people and birds that it would not be as popular as it is with millions of homeowners if it truly created problems with nuisance wildlife on a regular basis. 

Bird feeding has been a Eugene hobby of thousands of residents for easily 50-70 years, so it's not a new residential practice. When done responsibly, feeding birds does not attract rats, mice or other “pest” animals. At Wild Birds Unlimited, we have a number of options available to help you prevent rats and other pests from accessing bird feeders and bird food.

Join us as we discuss the many steps home-owners can consider to keep bird food from being reached by rats or other unwanted pests, from cages, domes, or baffles, to "hot" food, there are lots of options to help you! 

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Call to pre-register -- we can fit 35 in chairs... 541-844-1788.

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Eugene WBU Bird Walks are FREE!


2018 BIRD WALKS • 1st & 3rd Wednesday Mornings!

Join us on our twice-monthly FREE Bird Walks the 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings; the maximum number of participants is 15. To preregister (required) CALL the store at 541-844-1788. 

Give your email address and phone number to our staff and the leaders will contact you via email about the specific locations. (We may occasionally cancel walks during really nasty weather!)

Wednesday, March 21 • 7:30-9:30am

Leaders: Donna Albino & Rachael Friese   •   Destination: TBA

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Wednesday, April 4 • 7:30-9:30am

Leaders: Donna Albino & Rachael Friese   •   Destination: TBA

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Wednesday, April 18 • 7:30-9:30am

Leaders: Donna Albino & Rachael Friese   •   Destination: TBA

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The very best way to know what events are occurring is to sign up to get our news and announcements... We won't overwhelm you as we only send 2-3 emails a month to announce new events as they are known.

Our usual leaders are Donna Albino & Rachael Friese and each destination is chosen early the week of the walk. All will be in the Eugene Springfield area, and the leaders send directions to each participant a day or so in advance. Participants then meet at the chosen destination for the bird walk...

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Eugene WBU Holiday Hours for 2018

Night-Before-Christmas, 10am - 3pm; Christmas, Mon. Dec. 25 – Closed; New Year's Eve – 10am - 3pm; New Year's Day, Jan. 1— Closed; Easter, Sunday, Apr. 1— Closed; 4th of July— Closed; Labor Day, Sept. 4 — Closed; Thanksgiving,Thurs. Nov. 23— Closed.