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Seed Cylinders, Stackers & Cylinder Feeders

NOW ON SALE! 15% OFF ALL Seed Cylinders & Seed Stackables...through October 14. Discount of 15% OFF when mentioning that you saw this note! Come in to see our variety of cylinders and stackers...for all your favorite birds!

Our exclusively-formulated Seed Cylinders, No-melt Dough Cylinders and Stackables keep birds at the feeders longer because they have to work to remove seeds. So instead of birds swooping in, grabbing a bite and taking off, Seed Cylinders give you a few extra moments of viewing enjoyment.

Available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, our exclusively formulated Bird Food Cylinders are an easy and tidy way to offer your birds a wide variety of food. Whether they are tightly packed ingredients or suet, Bird Food Cylinders last longer, requiring feeders to be refilled less often. 

Seed Cylinders & shorter Stackables add more flavor to your yard. We carry an assortment of flavors, including No-Mess, Supreme, Cranberry, Bug, Nut & Berry, Hot Pepper, Woodpecker, and Nutty for Nuts®. They make feeding your birds easy!

Stack Up a Food Combo — Stackables to Attract More Birds

Long-lasting and easy to use, our Seed Stackables allow you to offer more than one food at a time and cater to the preferences of the birds visiting your yard. With several unique flavors of Seed and No-melt Dough Stackables to mix and match, you can have fun creating various combinations that will attract different birds to your backyard. Stack 3 on/in our taller cylinder feeders, or 2 in the shorter, red feeder with its perches! Your birds will say Yumm!

Seed Cylinders & Stackables

Tidy Cylinder Feeder:

Shown at top, this is one of our more popular cylinder feeders, and it even has a cage to keep squirrels from taking it all at one time! Featuring a tray that reduces the amount of uneaten seed debris that falls to the ground, our Tidy Cylinder Feeder makes offering seed cylinders easy. Simply drop one of our exclusive seed cylinders (2 lbs.), No-melt Dough Cylinders or up to three Stackables® into the feeder, hang it, and watch your birds enjoy.


Townsend's Warbler at Bark Butter

Eco-clean Feeders with Special Features Weather-specific Feeders

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Sept. Bird Walks and Seminar Join us for FREE Bird Walks and Seminar

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Bushtits at Bark Butter

Bark Butter is a Favorite! Bushtits decorate a Bark Butter feeder

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