Quick-Clean Finch Feeders

Hello Finches, Good-bye Mess
Our Quick-Clean® Finch Feeders are designed to make life a little simpler for your birds and you. The reinforced metal feed ports make it easy for finches to dine on Nyjer® (thistle), while the removable base makes cleaning a breeze. These feeders are backed by a lifetime guarantee that includes squirrel and raccoon damage. We also offer a variety of accessories including trays and weather guards.

Small:  Six perches with ¾ qt capacity

Medium:  Eight perches with 1¼ qt capacity

Large:  Ten perches with 1¾ qt capacity


Mesh Finch Feeder

Specially designed to hold one of finches’ favorite foods, Nyjer® (thistle). This feeder is durable and carries a lifetime guarantee. It's easy to hang or mount. The convenient sliding top makes refilling easy. Try our finch feeder accessories that make feeding easy for the birds and keep your yard clean.