Window Strike Solutions

Every year, millions of birds are injured or killed after colliding with windows. There are now several options for use in preventing window strikes, from nearly-clear clings like WindowAlerts, or fractal-like clings placed on windows to "Bird savers" made from parachute cord, or a taped-on series of adhesive dots placed on windows to permanently protect them from birds.

Individual window clings or decals need to be placed 2-4 inches from one another and you will need to replace the UV-coated decals every 6-12 months as the UV coating will fade over time.

Place decals on the outside of the window. Concentrate decals at center then work out, placing decals at a minimum, on every 2 feet of glass. For maximum protection, scienti­fic studies suggest placing decals 2 inches horizontal, by 4 inches vertical, from one another. (Eugene WBU owners visited a research facility in PA where the research determining this was done and it was interesting to see how they tested this.)

Several of the below options are available at our online store ( while the full line is available in our store.  


Window Alert

Window Alert is an outside window cling that has a coating that reflects ultraviolet sunlight, a range of light that is invisible to humans but very obvious to birds.


Window Gem

Window Gems are fractal-like clings that are placed on the outside of windows that allow birds to see their colorful spectra to alert them that the area cannot be flown through.


Feather Friendly

Feather Friendly are dots on a tape dispenser that are placed every few inches on the outside of larger windows so as to cover the surface with dots that alert the birds to the presence of the glass. Our human brains quickly learn to ignore the dots as we go about our lives.