WBU Seed BlendsBetter Seed Blends Bring More Birds and Better Value!

It’s possible to buy "wild bird seed" almost anywhere these days, and although packages may seem like a real bargain, very often they are a poor choice for both you and your birds. Watch out for seed mixes that look like the top photo here, with lots of red-tan and light-colored round seeds with a few scattered sunflowers. If the ingredient list shows milo, sorghum, wheat, canary seed, corn, or mysterious unspecified "grain products," it's likely NOT a good blend. Most of those ingredients are really just “fillers” and are not foods that attract the kinds of birds you will enjoy. Expect lots of them to wind up on the ground, uneaten.

Instead, look for LOTS of sunflower, which may come in the familiar black shell (as in the middle picture of our Choice Blend) or in a hulled form (as in the bottom picture of our No-Mess DP Blend). Nuts, white millet or safflower are typical secondary ingredients.

And, if you want some straight talk or want us to evaluate your current birdseed, we're always happy to give you our honest opinion — there are good seed blends out there other than our own. Bring in what you're using so we can explain what's in it!

How is our seed better?

Ours:  100% edible, no waste of money or resources.

    Theirs: Filled with inedible fillers: milo, wheat, mystery "grain products"—that waste money & attract rodents.

Ours: Locally correct, based on foods Oregon birds prefer;

    Theirs: Generic blends not specific to area, contain proso millet or milo, which Western birds don't like;

Ours: Single seed choices, blends plus No Mess blends formulated to attract OUR most desirable birds;

    Theirs: Limited choices, often a "wild bird blend" which supposedly attracts all birds...but only attracts a few species;

Ours: Convenient, easy-to-carry 5, 10 or 20 pound bags;

   Theirs: Often small, pricey bags of odd sizes, or unwieldy, giant bags that are hard to store and will get stale easily;

Ours: Seed delivered fresh every week;

   Theirs: Casual, infrequent delivery, no effort to be fresh;

Ours: Friendly staff who are passionate about birds and can answer questions about deterring pests like squirrels and more;

   Theirs: Unengaged staff with no experience with birds.