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Barbara & Dan Gleason

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Eugene, Oregon

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Eugene's Wild Bird and Nature Experts... Call us about monthly seminars, bird walks, and any wild bird questions...we're all about the birds!

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Squirrel Problem? Solved!

How to Prevent Squirrels from Raiding Your Feeders

Lately, many customers have sought help in keeping squirrels (and sometimes other animals) from emptying their feeders at great speed. There are a number of ways to keep squirrels from devouring all of your bird food.

Even if you enjoy squirrels' antics, they are persistent and creative food seekers.


Hot Pepper Suet Dough

Squirrel-averse foods - Hot Peppers and Safflower

    Hot peppers, when added to bird food such as our Hot Pepper Suet Dough,* can help keep squirrels away, since mammals avoid spicy peppers but birds seem not to mind it.
    Also, consider trying one of our seed blends that contains safflower, a small, white seed that's high in protein and fat, and that is not liked by squirrels. It's found in Deluxe, Supreme LM and Choice. Many of your favorite birds, including chickadees, House Finches, jays, doves, and nuthatches, readily eat safflower, but squirrels usually do not.
    *Suet Dough is a type of suet that has a higher melting point, so it is safe to use in summer heat. It won't melt until it's 135 degrees out.
APS Ultimate Setup

On-Guard Wire Cages


Try an On-Guard™ wire mesh cage around your existing feeders. Our On-Guard solutions are designed to allow smaller birds access to your food, but they prevent squirrels (and larger birds) from reaching food in a feeder. We have cages that fit our Dinner Bell feeders and tube feeders and we have several specialty feeders with built-in cages.



Place your bird feeding setup at least 10' away from any tree or building by using a pole system if needed. This keeps squirrels from jumping on top of, or onto, your feeders. Come see some options that are possible using our APS pole system.

Baffles and Domes

    Try a pole baffle (middle picture) on your bird feeding setup to prevent squirrels from reaching feeders from below. Mount the baffle at least 5' from the ground. You can also use a hanging baffle, or a wide clear dome, with your feeder tucked below it to keep squirrels from reaching your feeders from above.
Fundamentals Squirrel-proof Feeder

Solution Feeders

    We offer a variety of feeders that help you feed the birds, not squirrels.
    The Dinner Bell™ feeder has an adjustable dome that can be raised and lowered to only allow access for smaller birds.
    The Eliminator™ and Fundamentals Squirrel-proof Feeders are weight-sensitive and will close off access to the food when heavier visitors (like a squirrel!) sit on a perch.
    And, finally, you might consider putting less-expensive food out for the squirrels to reach easily, as that may also keep them from being as anxious about getting to your bird feeders. That solution, along with preventing their access to the other feeders, has worked for Barbara and Dan for many years.

WBU Eliminator Squirrel Proof Feeder

Protect your seed bounty from squirrels with our Eliminator. When a squirrel touches the perch ring, its weight closes the seed ports, foiling its seed-stealing plot. The Eliminator's unique technology allows you to set the sensitivity level, so you can also exclude large birds such as pigeons or doves.

It's easy to hang, holds three and a half quarts of seed and is backed with a limited lifetime guarantee. This feeder also features a special seed ventilation system that helps keep seed fresher.

The Eliminator can be disassembled and assembled with no tools, and all of its parts are top shelf dishwasher safe.